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Will the fed create a Federal Digital Currency to rule us all? Is Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) going to save us or destroy us? Get the Intel You Need Here!

IMF Plan To Replace Bitcoin/Gold/Dollar With Digital SDR!! (Shocking Info Revealed)

Here are some highlights of the video: Does the IMF control the SDR and the SDR Network? Should Central Banks issue a new digital...
Bretton Woods 2.0 Whiteboard Video

Bretton Woods 2.0: The IMF Plan Aims For Absolute Control

It doesn't matter if it's Bretton Woods 2.0, the great reset, or the Coronavirus lockdown... You need to realize that all of it is...
Digital Dollar Whiteboard Video

Is The Government Agenda For Digital Dollar Leading Us To Communism?

Is the digital dollar just the next step in the agenda to take us straight to communism? Digital dollars, digital wallets, pass through digital...
Simon dixon crypto expert

Hard Facts About Cryptocurrencies And Finance With Simon Dixon – RCS Ep. 59

Simon Dixon is the CEO and co-founder of Bnktothefuture.com, fund manager of Bitcoin Capital, and author of the book Bank To The Future. He has...

Government Digital Currency: Should You Be Terrified?

The Probability Of The U.S. Government Moving To A Digital Currency Is Extremely High A digital currency gives Big Government and the Fed complete control...

The Real Reason They Want To BAN CASH! (Shocking Insights Revealed)

A cashless world and its consequences Most people believe they understand why governments and banks seek a cashless society. However, most of the reasons are wrong. Starting...