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Dollar Collapse

Will the US Dollar collapse? Watch these important videos to find out. Get the intel you need to stay ahead of out-of-control central banks and big government.

Triffin’s Paradox Whiteboard Video

Will Triffin’s Paradox Lead Us Into An Economic Collapse?

Robert Triffin predicted that the country with the reserve currency, at some point, would lose it due to the Triffin's Paradox. Are we getting there?...
Ray Dalio Dollar Collapse

Ray Dalio Reveals Shocking New Predictions About The Dollar Collapse

Today's conversations seem to start with the Fed's Money Printing and its consequences on interest rates, assets, and the dollar. Ray Dalio recently shared, during...

Will Negative Interest Rates Cause A Catastrophic Dollar Hyper-Bubble?

Negative interest rates distort markets wildly, but most of the time we assume the downside is that they could collapse the dollar or any...
Money Printing Secrets

Money Printing Secrets Explained: Fed Put vs. Government Put

In this article, I will explain everything you need to know about the Fed Put versus the Government Put, and how money printing actually...
Dollar Reserve Currency

The U.S. Dollar Is Losing Its Reserve Currency Status 

What would happen to the U.S. economy if the dollar was no longer the world reserve currency? We're frequently told that the United States has...
dollar reserve currency part 2

Dollar Reserve Currency Status: END GAME!! (Part 2 – Conclusion)

The Federal Reserve has set up various schemes to relieve the pressures of US dollar-denominated debt outside the United States. The problem is they...
Dollar Reserve Currency

Dollar Reserve Currency Status: END GAME! (Part 1)

In this video, I talk about how the dollar may lose its reserve currency status and this is really gonna blow your mind! So...
BRENT JOHNSON Santiago Capital

The Dollar Milkshake Theory With Brent Johnson | RCS Ep. 28!

Dollars, Stocks & Gold Brent Johnson is the creator of the Dollar Milkshake Theory, and he's constantly featured on Macro Voices and Real Vision. He's...

MMT Is Coming! Are You Ready?

Modern Monetary Theory (MMT). Has The World Gone Crazy? The Fed is literally bailing everyone out! The US Government is rapidly spending trillions on...

Luke Gromen (Macro Expert/FinTwit All Star!): Rebel Capitalist Show Ep. 40!

Luke Gromen is BACK! He reveals 👉 THE INSIDER SECRETS YOU NEED! 👈 Today, Luke Gromen and I take a deep dive into his outlook...