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Expert Investors

Interviews with expert investors who made their fortunes being smart investors. Everything from stocks and bonds to precious metals.

Nick Giambruno (Crisis Investing, Diversifying Political Risk, YOUR Plan B, Cannabis Stock Intel)

Here are the highlights of the video: A forecast on the crisis investing opportunities. Is there any Geoarbitrage on these Cannabis opportunities? What is...

Lynette Zang (Monetary Reset, Economic Crisis, Future Gold Price, How To Thrive In Chaos)

Highlights from the Rebel Capitalist Show with Lynette Zang: - Converting currencies into digital currency. - Central Bank creates money out of thin air? - Can Inflation...

Jesse Felder (Social Media Dystopia, Hyper Bubbles, Central Planners Only Option: Print $$$)

Highlights from the Rebel Capitalist Show with Jesse Felder: Effects of Social Media. Is Social Media dangerous for the future? Is there a limit...

Robert Breedlove (Bitcoin Deep Dive, Gold Standard, Banking Past/Present/Future)

Included in this video: What is Bitcoin? Is Bitcoin mining safe? Is Bitcoin more superior than gold? Importance of debt. Bitcoin as a currency.
Brent Johnson Interview RCS 119

Brent Johnson On Dollar, Bitcoin, & Many MORE – RCS Ep. 119

Brent Johnson Interview (US Dollar, Bitcoin, Chinese Digital Currency, Stock Bubble, Personal Freedom) What does the future hold for the US Dollar? This deep dive interview...
Jeff Snider RCS Ep. 117

Jeff Snider on Shadow Money, Derivatives, & MORE – RCS Ep. 117

Jeff Snider Interview (Shadow Money, Derivatives, Free Banking, Bitcoin, "Money Printing") Jeff and I connected the dots so YOU can finally understand the GLOBAL MONETARY SYSTEM...
Raoul Pal Interview RCS 116

Raoul Pal: System Is Unsustainable, Bitcoin’s Future, & MORE – RCS Ep. 116

Raoul Pal Interview (System Is Unsustainable, Bitcoin's Future, Japan Debt Jubilee, Investing Edge) Macro Legend Raoul Pal reveals insights YOU need to better understand our Economic...
Robert Kiyosaki Interview RCS 115

Robert Kiyosaki on Gold, Real Estate, & MORE – RCS Ep. 115

Robert Kiyosaki Reveals Everything (Gold, Real Estate, Bitcoin, How To Build Wealth) Robert Kiyosaki shares Actionable/Powerful INSIGHTS on how YOU can improve every aspect of your...
Ronnie Stoeferle on Gold and Bitcoin

Ronnie Stoeferle Interview on Gold & Bitcoin – RCS Ep. 111

If you're interested in Gold and Bitcoin, this video is for YOU! Click PLAY to watch the complete interview above. Discover Rebel Capitalist Pro For MORE content...
Keith McCullough RCS 110

Keith McCullough on Stagflation, Bond Bubble, & MORE – RCS Ep. 110

If you're interested in Macro, this video is for YOU! Click PLAY to watch the complete interview above. Discover Rebel Capitalist Pro For MORE content that'll help YOU build...