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Is now a good time to invest in Real Estate or will there be another housing crash? If so, when will real estate prices collapse? Find out. Get the intel you need.

housing bubble has popped

Federal Reserve Unveils Devastating Plan: Home Prices Could Plummet Up To 50%!

Home Prices Could Plummet Up To 50%! Home prices have been declining since June 2022, leading many to fear the housing bubble has popped. ...
2023 Real Estate Crash

2023 Real Estate Crash Has Begun

The real estate crash has started. Even the New York Times is coming out and saying the housing market is worse than you think. ...

You Either Win or You Learn

You Either Win or You Learn How I Destroyed Value with My First Rental Property College Housing I grew up in a college town in the Midwest...
Rebel Capitalist

Is Now A Good Time To Invest In Real Estate?

2021 Real Estate Investing Is Like Playing With Fire According to George Gammon, if you're wanting to play with real estate right now - to...

Real Estate Live Q&A

Here Are Some Highlights From This Video: Home Loan Volume: Slowing Down Significantly RV Parks and Mobile Home Parks The derivative is the business,...

Real Estate 2021 Deep Dive (Will Prices Boom Or Bust!?!)

Here are the highlights of the video: Are prices going up or down? What would need to happen for wages to go up or...