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Adam Taggart Explains How to Thrive During Times of Inflation

Rebel Capitalist Show

As long as governments control economic statistics, they can spin misleading narratives in times of crisis. Economic Indices like the Consumer Price Index ostensibly function as a measurement of the cost of living in the U.S. However, astute macro experts have routinely demonstrated the flaws with the CPI and how it undercounts inflation.

Even worse is how the corporate press tries to explain away clear episodes of inflation, especially in the present, where self-styled “experts” claim that inflation will be transitory. However, the alternative media space has grown so big that the legacy press can no longer monopolize economic narratives and ram disinformation down people’s throats so easily.

That’s why you see the Rebel Capitalist and countless other alternative finance channels providing the truth about economic affairs that the corporate press refuses to do. To prevent a catastrophic economic collapse, we will need to completely discredit mainstream economic analysis.

From there we can educate the masses with the facts and ultimately shift public opinion towards a more pro-market direction.