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Bob Murphy (Freedom Principles, MMT, Free Banking, Inflation Prediction, Future Social Unrest)

Rebel Capitalist Show

Highlights of the video:

  • 2020 COVID-19 lockdown in the US: From a Libertarian standpoint, the government shouldn't have interfered with property rights. Complete and accurate information should have been given to the people, let them decide what they want to do, and not go the government-mandated route.
  • Free banking vs. Full-reserve banking. What’s the difference? Which is the best solution for the banking system itself?
  • Why are price signals important for a healthy economy to grow?
  • Based on Kelton's most recent book that Bob reviewed on his podcast, what did the MMT-ers get right and what did they get wrong?
  • Most Americans see currency/dollars as wealth but failed to see the connection between currency units and the actual goods and services. How do you deliver that message to make an average person understand what wealth exactly is?
  • Applying Bob's 2020 hindsight last 2009-2010 to the inflation or deflation in the US in the next 3-5 years.