Can The Federal Reserve Go Bust?

This video is going to SHOCK you!

I'm gonna reveal secrets that are gonna totally blow your mind. And wait till we get into Step Number 3. I've got a surprise bombshell that's gonna completely blow you away!

I'm gonna explain this to you in 3 simple fast steps.

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Guy Willoughby
Guy Willoughby
3 years ago

With all the previous video’s, I was wondering if the fed could go bankrupt. I now have an answer, thank you.

Guy Willoughby
Guy Willoughby
3 years ago

Mnuchin said that the tax payer would bail out the fed. With all the unemployment, can the tax payer bail out the fed? Is a bankrupt country going to borrow billions from an insolvent bank, the fed, to bail out the fed? What are they going to do, sell of all the gold in Fort Knox? How would that happen? What would the long term consequences be?