In this powerful interview, George Gammon and Chris MacIntosh discuss the current state of marxism in the west.

According to Chris, today's environment is a byproduct of too many good years since Bretton Woods 1944.

Naturally, governments swell to an unsustainable level, triggering totalitarianism in an effort to hold it all together.

They then go on to discuss investment strategies that can help you maintain and grow your purchasing power.

Plus, applicable plan-b strategies for escaping the tyranny.

Click the play button above to watch this insightful interview.

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Peter Mathieson
Peter Mathieson
2 months ago

An outsourcing of responsibility to the government? Yes, but also an eagerness on the part of politicians to promise things and then use our money, channelling it through now enormously large bureaucracies to vested interests, e.g., the military- industrial complex and the subsidy-hungry green-industrial complex. These are parasitic beasts that must be fed, and we are being bled “white” to feed them, stoking fear and then preying on our desire for “safety”.

2 months ago

Chris & George both good men helping to inform …. and actually helping a lot of people

2 months ago

that stiff drink might have caused me to misunderstand but I thought Chris said
that the total number of deaths did not increase in 2020??