Dollar Collapse: Can It Happen Overnight? (ANSWERED!)


intentional dollar collapse

In 1985 the US negotiated the “Plaza Accord” which collapsed the dollar overnight by 4% and by 55% in total against the Japanese yen and German mark.

This intentional dollar collapse was potentially just a warm-up for the big government-backed dollar collapse we may have coming, sooner rather than later.

Most people ignore this as impossible but if you listen to the rhetoric out of Washington and compare the economic environment today to 1985 it's shockingly similar.

The question then becomes could we have a purposeful dollar collapse today (call it a Plaza Accord 2.0) like we had in 1985, and if so, how would it work?

In this video, we tackle those questions head-on and give YOU the answers you need to make the best decisions about your financial future and the potential of a dollar collapse.

Most Americans have been lulled to sleep by a couple of decades of low inflation (or what the government tells us is low).

No one remembers the days when the US had to issue bonds in another currency because investors didn't want dollars. These bonds were called Carter bonds.

And what's shocking is only a few years after the dollar collapse of the 1970's the US government was at it again.

Like they didn't devalue the dollar enough in the 1970s.

The bottom line is since Nixon took us off the gold standard we've been in a perpetual dollar collapse, like an ice glacier moving down a mountainside to its eventual demise into the sea.

In this video, I'll discuss specifically:

  • What was the Plaza Accord and how did the first intentional dollar collapse work?
  • Is it possible to have a second intentional dollar collapse today? Plaza Accord 2.0 3. If so, how would the US pull off a dollar collapse today?

If you're interested in the future of the US economy this is a MUST WATCH VIDEO!