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Dollar Will Lose Reserve Currency SOON! (Here’s When/Why)

Educational Series

Here are the highlights of the video:

  • Prices of the Products: Why do they go up? Why are they expensive?
  • 15% Increase in Retail Sale: Why is that such a staggering number?
  • 3% Average Growth Rate Over Time: The reason why the government has brought five years of future demand into the present.
  • The importance of the Fed monetizing the debt issued by the government.
  • The Relationship Between Fed Monetizing the Debt and Money Supply
  • Why government's off-balance-sheet debt is very tough to reduce through inflation?
  • Projected Change in Medicare Enrollment, explained.
  • Trade Deficit: The reasons why it increased massively and continued to increase into 2021.
  • Why did foreigners start to buy fewer treasuries?
  • Increased Interest Rate: What are the effects?