Elizabeth Warren Wealth Tax: EXPOSED!


Elizabeth Warren Wealth Tax is flawed!

In this video you'll discover everything you need to know about the Elizabeth Warren wealth tax, why it won't work and how you can prepare yourself for the financial Berlin wall (as I call it) that's an inevitable reality for the rich today, AND everyday Americans, just like you, tomorrow.

I'm in no way trying to be hyperbolic, if you study the history of Germany and the Berlin wall, hyperinflation in Zimbabwe, or more recently the situation in Venezuela, you'll see the writing is on the wall far in advance.

People who pay attention, to things like the Elizabeth Warren wealth tax, can see that the future is not good. They can get out before it's too late.

I'm not saying the US will literally have a wall that will prevent Americans from getting out (although aren't they building a wall now?).

The Berlin wall was originally sold to the Germans as a way to keep other people out FYI), nor am I saying the US will go through hyperinflation like Zimbabwe.

What I am saying is, the US will make it increasingly difficult for, not only the wealthy but for everyone, to take their money out of the country.

And if you can't get your money out of the country, you can't leave the country. It's not a physical wall but it has the same effect.

And let's remember, the whole point of the Elizabeth Warren wealth tax having an “exit tax” clause is to prevent the rich from leaving…how is that not a Berlin wall??

I'm also saying that it's very likely the US will again experience an inflationary recession, like the 1970s, where we'll see double-digit inflation, high unemployment and falling real asset prices.

In the video, you'll specifically discover the Elizabeth Warren wealth tax is:

1. Logistically impossible

2. Destroys capital investment

3. Is the same scam as the income tax

4. Will create inflation and higher taxes on the middle class 5. Will NOT produce the expected revenue (not even close)

Make sure to watch this video, even if Warren is no longer running for president as this could be the playbook other politicians use to siphon off more money from hard-working Americans.