ESG Investing – How To Really Make Money


ESG what does it stand for

The actual ESG acronym is short for Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance.

But what does it really stand for?

Does it really stand for a better world for everyone?

In our opinion, the ESG movement stands for more government central planning. Like most central planning lunacy, it sounds good at face value but quickly unravels into more Cantillon-style crony capitalism.

ESG provides insiders the opportunity to siphon off more taxpayer-funded dollars in the name of green energy and a healthier environment. But is it really better for the environment?

Even Social Capital founder and CEO Chamath Palihapitiya calls out ESG investing as a “complete fraud.” This is coming from a slick snake oil salesman who hangs out on CNBC mind you.

“ESG is just another marketing ploy and a way for companies to get free money.”

“If you paint yourself as ESG in Europe, you can essentially borrow money from the ECB at negative rates,” says Palihapitiya.

JPMorgan, by saying what they said, will be able to borrow billions of dollars from the ECB at negative rates … it doesn’t have to work, they don’t need to do anything, they are now getting free money from Europe for basically being able to say this. – Chamath Palihapitiya

ESG is a Cantillon-style power grab concocted by global elites in the name of a greener, better world. It's a charade meant to drive more revenue, more tax dollars, all the while, giving the financers (taxpayers) the impression that they are getting their money's worth.

ESG Investing Trends (It's Not What You Think)

Invest in coal, natural gas, offshore oil, shipping, (and did I mention uranium?) sectors. The ESG delusion will just drive up the prices of energy sources that really power the economic engine.

ESG has been stealing thunder from energy sources that actually fuel the world. Sources like nuclear, coal, and petroleum.

There's plenty of money to be made in ESG investing because you can invest in the truth and the ESG delusion, simultaneously.

Speaking of truth. Truth is, ESG is going to cost more than it produces. There will be massive malinvestment, waste, fraud, and abuse. ESG will be subsidized by government handouts. (That's how you make money on the fraud side.)

Just pick any woke ESG corporation that's playing the game, and has a history of taking government handouts, and you'll do fine. We don't invest that way. So we can't offer any stock tickers.

The environmental impact will still exist, only it will be hidden from naive westerners, who will think nothing about the rare earth materials, base metals, lube oils, and diesel fuel required to make their solar panels and windmills possible.

Local and state governments will ignore math and just go with what they are told.

Nuclear Energy Exposes ESG As The Fraud That It Is

If the united nations, western world politicians, technocrats, and corporate special interests were truly motivated by fixing the planet, then nuclear power would be their top priority.

Nuclear energy is the safest, cleanest, and cheapest green energy to mass produce on the planet.

Yet, it's pretty much a nonstarter for these people. Why? Probably because they need to fabricate economic growth, not solve a climate problem.

If you want to invest in ESG, then invest in Uranium too. Why? Nuclear energy will silently do much of the heavy lifting for energy consumers. This phony green energy movement is incapable of powering the world the way they believe it will.

Expect a massive metals shortage

Commodities are already heating up. Copper, silver, gold…We haven't really even gotten started yet, and already these assets are expensive.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) just put out a ridiculous, laughable, road map for zero emissions by 2050. What Kool-Aid are they drinking?

Chris MacIntosh of Capitalist Exploits and Rebel Capitalist Pro has a nice commentary that sums up the IEAs fantasy roadmap. Definitely give it a read.

The bottom line is that the math doesn't work. The raw materials needed to satisfy their emission-free fantasy are too great. The taxpayer will suffer the consequences.

Globally, the heavy lifting will be done by nuclear energy, natural gas, petroleum, and coal.

The Problems with ESG investing

Don't get us wrong. All of us here at who proudly carry the Rebel Capitalist brand, want a greener, healthier planet where working conditions are pro-worker.

However, we hate lying, cheating, and stealing…And ESG is lying, cheating, and stealing wrapped in a green blanket, then sold to the taxpayer as a benefit to them. It's a charade.

Ironically, this movement will end up costing taxpayers more of their wealth. Outside of keen investors who see the delusion for what it is, only the gatekeepers, protocol owners, special interest groups, and government contractors stand to rake in the big profits.

How many new billionaires did the pandemic vaccine produce? Last I heard, there were 11 new billionaires. I can only imagine how many new billionaires will be minted off this ESG movement.

Invest In Coal Outside of the US

The bottom line is that traditional energy producers in the West have targets on their backs. The ESG movement is gunning for them, regardless of the consequences.

There is plenty of money to be made in energy producers outside the united states. Here are a few coal companies outside the woke, ESG west to consider:

Coal Companies to consider:

  • NHC.AX – New Hope
  • WHC.AX – Whitehaven

  • SMR.AX – Stanmore

  • 1088.HK – China Shenhua

  • 1171.HK – Yanzhou

  • 1898.HK – China Coal

What do you think about the ESG movement? Can we safely put it in the Great Reset, Plandemic, “It didn't come from a lab”, category?

Tell us in the comments section.

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