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Current Events Investing Macro


Private Sector's Balance Sheet and Aggregate Demand

  • The asset side of the private sector's balance sheet will impact aggregate demand; resulting in demand destruction.
  • Middle East sees US as an untrustworthy partner and is looking for a Plan B.
  • Trade deficit with US puts the Middle East in a precarious position.

Chris McIntosh's Opinion on Commodities and the Current Macro Market

  • Believes that the current market is in a commodity super cycle, but warns of risks.
  • Predicts a recession in 2023, which will impact commodity prices.
  • The Fed coming into backstop deposits in the big five banks is a sign of weaponizing the dollar; businesses should allocate more money towards them.


  • It is important to build a diversified portfolio of deep-value assets.
  • Geopolitical conflict is usually very bullish for commodities and energy.
  • The monetary crisis is likely to be bullish for monetary metals.
  • Geopolitical tensions are creating a shift of capital globally.
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