Gerald Celente on Big Government, Future of Liberty, & Economic Trends! – RCS Ep. 82

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It gives me a great deal of pleasure to bring someone to The Rebel Capitalist Show! I've really looked forward to talking to him. He really needs no introduction. His name is Gerald Celente!

I ask Gerald Celente to share with YOU about his back story.

Gerald Celente Story

Gerald says he began at a Graduate School. He started running Political Campaigns in Westchester County in New York which is the richest county in America.

He also worked in a Mayoral Campaign and then District Attorneys and State Senators and they sent him up to Albany. Gerald Celente became the Assistant to the Secretary of the New York State Senate at 26 years old.

Then he designed and instructed American Politics and Campaign Technology. Gerald also taught at St. John's University and later on became the Government Affairs Specialist for a major segment of the Chemical Industry back in the 70s.

He was killing environmental legislations right the height of the environmental movement.

Having been in DC, Gerald Celente has been with Presidents, Prime Ministers, and Princes. Because of these, he basically knows what the deals look like.

When he was about 32 years old, Gerald became a Political Atheist. He says he's seen enough.

He forecasted that Golden Oil prices would go up in 1978.

That's when he started playing the futures market. He ended up parlaying five thousand dollar bet, it's almost three-quarters of a million dollars.

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Gerald Celente is an American Trend Forecaster, Publisher of the Trends Journal, Business Consultant, and an Author.

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