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Gold Deep Dive Interview with Mark Yaxley of SWP! – RCS Ep. 74

Rebel Capitalist Show

Mark Yaxley shares amazing Gold insights YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO MISS!!

I have been looking forward to talking to Gold Expert Mark Yaxley who is the General Manager of Strategic Wealth Preservation.

I know that Mark is someone you guys would love because he is in the Gold Business!

Mark and I discuss all the topics that are vital to anyone who owns or is considering owning precious metals. We deep dive everything about Gold. From its storage, taxation, future price, ETF's, and possible confiscation.

Rebel Capitalist Pro

What countries and jurisdictions would you put your precious metals like Gold when you want to diversify your Political Risk? Mark mentions 3 countries where the common American Investor put their wealth.

He also added that you don't want to have like for example 10 jurisdictions to deal with because it would be very difficult for the investor given the different time zones and weak communications.

I ask Mark if it is possible for the government to confiscate the precious metals owned by the people. If you are interested in Mark Yaxley's answer, then this video is a MUST-WATCH for you!

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