Gold ETF vs. Gold: Which Should YOU Buy? (Shocking Info Revealed)


Should You Buy a gold ETF or physical gold?

The question of whether it's best to buy a gold ETF or buy physical gold is as contentious as it is common.

Finally, you'll discover the answers that YOU NEED to make better decisions for your financial future.

But beware, some of the information contained in this gold ETF vs. gold video will SHOCK YOU!

Rebel Capitalist Pro

Hint: There are ties to the REPO MARKET!!!

To answer the question of gold ETF vs. gold we explore the difference between being more concerned with the price of gold or being more concerned with the value of gold.

Two completely separate mindsets, I assure you.

We then explore how a gold ETF works (using the example of the $GLD).

Is the share you buy backed by gold or not?

Can you redeem your claim on the gold?

All of these crucial questions are answered and much much more. Specifically, you'll discover:

1. Gold ETF and Gold price vs. value.

2. How a gold ETF and gold both work.

3. How physical gold is simply the inverse of confidence in the federal reserve and the government.

4. Finally, I tell you whether I prefer a gold ETF or gold.

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