How the Global Elites Want to Take Over the World


Globalist elites are always finding ways to re-order politics and economics. When a crisis hits, you can always bet that the rootless cosmopolitans at the World Economic Forum will exploit such situations of panic to impose their fantastical schemes on us.

The present Covid-19 crisis, which the ruling class has manufactured and worsened, offered the perfect opportunity for power-hungry politicians, bureaucrats, and corrupt business leaders to consolidate their power. 

One way they plan on flexing their muscles is through the establishment of a central bank digital currency. It’s the ultimate software update for tyrants who now want to micronmange our economic affairs.

The jury is still out on whether this project will be successful. but if they’re able to pull it off, it will represent a major blow against human freedom as globalist technocrats will now be able to more effectively micromanage people’s economic affairs. 


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