How to Find Freedom in an Unfree World

Rebel Capitalist Show

The power to vote with one’s feet is taken for granted by many people. Human history has been marked by individuals packing up and fleeing hostile political or economic situations to go towards greener pastures.

Political leaders have picked up on this and have tried to shackle their own citizens through regulations that limit their ability to move.

In the United States’ case, American citizens’ income is taxed abroad if they make over $108,700. The US treats its citizens as tax cows that must be milked every April 15.

Regardless of these obstacles Americans face when they go abroad, there are still ways for people to diversify their assets abroad and shield themselves from geopolitical risk.

A new class of nomad capitalists is emerging to help those look for greener, and most importantly, freer pastures. If you’re a freedom-lover in the West, you may want to embrace nomad capitalism. It’s the most practical way to secure your freedom in an unfree world.