Here are some highlights of the video:

  • Does the IMF control the SDR and the SDR Network?
  • Should Central Banks issue a new digital form of money?
  • The private sector can't be trusted?
  • Does the IMF want more control of the entire monetary system?
  • Can FED determine what interest rate you have to pay just by what you buy at the grocery store?
  • How would the Central Planners be able to give anyone any interest rate they wanted?
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Steve Harrasser
2 years ago

God damm .gonna get pissed more now when it ends up like germany when it took a wheelbarrow full of marks just for a loaf of bread . It’s gonna ruin all my freedoms. This is all just plane insanity.

2 years ago

Thursday May 20, 2021

2pm today (Thursday) Fed Chair Powell reminded that the Federal Reserve itself is planning on rolling out its own CBDC, i.e., a digital dollar, and announced that the Fed plans to publish this summer a discussion paper “that will explore the implications of fast-evolving technology for digital payments, with a particular focus on the possibility of issuing a U.S. central bank digital currency.”