Inefficiencies and Opportunities: George Gammon Real Estate Investing Vlog #4

Real Estate

This is a small “behind the scenes” of my daily life as a real estate investor in Medellin, Colombia.

This week I go on my daily search for deals here in Medellín, Colombia, but this time, I bump into incredibly inefficient real estate agents, who either won’t give us the addresses of the apartments, or don’t even know where the apartments are located.

You can take this as an example of the right process to follow when you’re looking for properties to invest in, if you’re not doing this, if this doesn’t seem insane, you are just paying too much.

Finally, I got to walk through a potential inversion located near 10th avenue, there I’ll show you the layout and what I would do to remodel it.

Also, I’m punctual (for Colombians), meaning I’m always, ALWAYS on time. If I’m not on time, then you should worry.

That’s why I had to take a creative mode of transportation to get to the Gold Apartment on time for a very important meeting with Joaquín.