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Is America Destined for Another Economic Collapse?


Politicians never learn from history.

When you think about it. It actually makes sense. Most history departments are controlled by court historians who peddle pro-establishment interpretations of history that praises big government and attacks free markets and voluntary associations.

As a result, you get broad swathes of the population who have been indoctrinated to believe the government is a good institution that will bring us untold prosperity. This could not be further from the truth.

Rebel Capitalist Pro

However, most don’t really get this. They go through the mass indoctrination assembly line where they are brainwashed with all sorts of untruths. Once they’ve gone through this indoctrination process, they’re ready to be 

Many of these same people become academics, business, and political leaders who parrot these misealing narratives and implement the very policies that have destroyed economies in the past. 

If you ever wonder why it seems that politicians repeat the same economic mistakes over and over again, just take a look at what they’re teaching students at economics and history courses.

It all starts with bad education.