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Jason Burack talks Pension Crisis, Recession, and Gold Miners

Jason Burack, host of the popular Wall St for Main St podcast on investing and the economy.

He translates jargon-heavy concepts from Wall Street so that average people can understand.

He has conducted over 500 in-depth interviews with top experts across various fields of investment and economics, resulting in 13k YouTube subscribers and over 2.5 million total views.

On average, he accrues 100k views monthly on YouTube and our channel garners 1 million minutes in listening time from engaged listeners.

His articles on investing have appeared on many popular websites, such as Forbes, Money Show, Financial Sense, Bull Market Thinking, The Gold Report, and more.

He frequently reads and delves further into topics such as investing, business, entrepreneurship, personal finance, and other areas that interest him. In addition to reading 400 books on these topics, he has also watched over 100 documentaries and listened to thousands of podcasts.

Our goal at Wall St for Main St is to build the premier investor education and financial education experience for investors of all ages and experience levels. We plan on completely revolutionizing the way people learn how to invest using technology, virtual classrooms, etc

Specialties: Investing, Economics, Macroeconomics, Natural Resource Investing, Energy Investing, Alternative Energy, Austrian School Economics, Value Investing, Contrarian Investing, Panic/Distress Investing, Stocks, Options, Commodities, Precious Metals, Hard Assets, Real Estate, Entrepreneurship