Jason Hartman Reveals His Latest Insights About Real Estate

Rebel Capitalist Show

People always wonder what’s the best way to preserve wealth during times of economic crisis. 

Some say you should invest in stocks. Others believe you should live frugally and coupon clip.

At times, you’ll hear some investors with contrarian viewpoints call for people to hold precious metals like gold and silver to safeguard their wealth during bouts of economic uncertainty.

However, sometimes simplicity is the best answer to what seems like a complicated problem.

For example, real estate investing in linear markets is one of the safest ways to not only protect one’s wealth, but to also build steady streams of cash flows.

We have to remember that the house is at the center of the universe. No matter the economic condition, people will always need a roof over their heads.

When economies collapse, people usually end up downsizing their housing arrangements. In these circumstances, linear markets shine. Linear markets are housing markets that generate consistent cash flows and are not as volatile compared to cyclical markets (Think Los Angeles, New York City,  and San Francisco).

Rebel Capitalists should always do their research, but investing in an income property in a linear market is generally a safe bet for anyone who desires financial autonomy.