Jim Grant: Shocking 2020 Predictions And Fed Insights REVEALED! (Part 2)



Jim Grant is a living legend in the investment world. Recently, he did an interview for Real Vision (I highly suggest subscribing) where he gives predictions for 2020 and views of current monetary conditions, which of course, means talking about the Fed.

And I break it down for you in a simple and fast way, inserting my own insights along the way!

What could be better than Jim Grant on the future of interest rates, Jim Grant on central banks, AND Jim Grant on monetary policy?

If you're interested in the future of the US economy, THIS IS A MUST WATCH VIDEO!!

Jim Grant is one of my personal favorites.

He's the author of the iconic “Grants Interest Rate Observer” and is constantly seen on financial media. But don't hold that against him!

Jim Grant is one of the sharpest minds in the business and his common-sense approach to financial matters and unique way of articulating his thoughts make him someone to always watch.

Jim Grant not only inspires thought but does so in a way that's extremely entertaining.

One example is a story of Lord Liverpool in the year 1818 when debating whether to use gold or a fiat currency Liverpool says fiat currencies are only good for fictitious wealth and asset bubbles. SO TRUE.

Amazing how people hundreds of years ago knew the destructive power of central banks and fiat currencies and we still find ourselves in the position we're in today.

In this Jim Grant video I discuss the following:

  1. Jim Grant's answer to can the fed raise rates.
  2. Jim Grant on 2020 monetary policy.
  3. Jim Grant on inflation AND GOLD! YOU CAN'T MISS THIS!!!