Kim Kiyosaki (Rich Dad Secrets Revealed, Real Estate, Increase YOUR Financial Freedom In 2021!)

"I do think that the future is still entrepreneurs and is still a small business and we will do all the things that we can to make sure that it stays that way. That small business is still the heart and soul of the United States and the other countries. I think one of the keys to starting a business for me is that it was never about money first. I didn’t start a business to make money and I know a lot of small business people, they start the business because they want to make money but then what happens is, of course, you’ll going to run into problems as entrepreneurs especially if you are doing it for the first time, you will going to have setbacks, you’ll going to make mistakes, you’ll going to have big learning and if you are only doing it for the money then you’ll going to quit because it is not a strong enough reason to keep going….What is the key is the reason why you are doing the business. Don’t overthink and just start.” - Kim Kiyosaki

Here are the highlights of the video:

  • Some opportunities of the current pandemic
  • They seek personal freedom
  • Cash Flow Game
  • Rich Dad story of success
  • Entrepreneurial Strategy or Advice by Kim Kiyosaki
  • All about Real Estate Investment
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