Luke Gromen: Discover Why Fed Money Printing Is Set To EXPLODE!


Luke Gromen

Luke Gromen is one of the experts who believe the dollar will begin moving down. I explain his theory in three simple fast steps!

Luke Gromen sees the Fed printing as much money as it takes to avoid interest rates rising which could possibly bring on an economic collapse as well as massive inflation.

Is Luke Gromen right? Or are guys like Brent Johnson right that the Fed can't stop the inevitable?

One thing is for sure Luke Gromen agrees with all the pros that the end game for the US dollar is going to be a crisis of inflation.

If you're interested in the future of the dollar or the US economy then THIS VIDEO IS FOR YOU!

In this Luke Gromen video, I discuss the following:

  1. Why it's all about inflation expectations.
  2. What Luke Gromens views are (clip from interview)
  3. Explain Luke Gromens views and put pieces of the puzzle together!

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