Luke Gromen (Dollar Crash, Fed’s Only Choice Is Brrrrrrr, China’s CBDC, Stock Crack Up BOOM!)

Eurodollar is both a source of great power to the US historically but also has been increasingly used against USA particularly by China. China borrows dollars in the Euro market and then lends those dollars out to the weaker em's with hard asset collateral and when the US strengthens the dollar too much the weaker em's begin to default and then China gets the collateral and increases their geopolitical power and economic clout. To learn more about the Dollar crash, China's CBDC, and more, click on the play button and enjoy.

Here are the highlights of the video:

  • Increasing fiscal stimulus but tightening monetary policy.
  • Foreigners own more dollar-denominated assets than Americans
  • We are moving into a multi-currency system
  • Dollar system replaced by sdr
  • If stocks don't keep rising at a faster rate the government can't get the tax receipts it needs to service the debt and pay the entitlements
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