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Marin Katusa: Gold news you need to know! (RCS Ep. 43)

Rebel Capitalist Show

Marin Katusa Gold news!

Marin Katusa shares precious metals insights that will help YOU better analyze risk in your own portfolio.

The Federal Reserve has set up US dollar swap lines with several countries that are in desperate situations. But many countries who didn't get these lifelines.

What's worse is there are several resource companies that own assets in these countries and Marin is concerned there may be at risk of nationalization.

If you're interested in gold, silver, oil, uranium or any of the commodities this is a must-watch episode!

You'll find a thorough explanation for macro investing details, which may help you make better decisions in your portfolio transactions.

This is The Rebel Capitalist Show! The show that helps YOU learn more about Macro, Investing, Entrepreneurship, AND Personal Freedom.

If you're interested in the future of the US dollar and the economy THIS IS FOR YOU!