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Mark Moss Believes We’re Transitioning into a New Economic Order

Rebel Capitalist Show

No political or economic order lasts forever. Black Swan events such as the COVID-19 pandemic can potentially throw a major wrench in the global elite’s plans to preserve a given political order.

With the world reeling from draconian government measures to shut down economies and restrict people’s ability to move and associate with one another, a new order is likely to emerge. After all, nature abhors a vacuum. 

But as students of economics and deep politics, there are no guarantees on the world stage. The past 500 years saw the West achieve many freedoms and reach unprecedented economic heights. 

However, in America, the last century has largely deviated when it came to the role of the state. Since the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913, America has become progressively less free. Fast forward to the present, America is experiencing one of the biggest attacks on its pro-freedom character with the harsh lockdown measures pursued by state governments nationwide.

Millions of people were thrown out of work, crime has risen, and corporate power has consolidated like never before.

What does this mean for the U.S. and the rest of the world?

That remains to be seen.