The Rebel Capitalist Show With Mark Moss

(Central Bank Digital Currencies & How YOU Can Prepare)

This is The Rebel Capitalist Show! The Show that helps YOU learn more about Macro, Investing, Entrepreneurship, and Personal Freedom.

If you're interested in Macro, this video is for YOU!

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Yoshke BenStada
Yoshke BenStada
6 months ago

This is BS. When deflation is occurring the purchasing power of gold is not increasing. That is a lie. Study the Great Depression. The greatest asset, if you could keep the Zionist controlled banking institute from confiscating your cash through bank failures, was fiat currency because it was becoming rarer and rarer in comparison. During deflation you want to hold onto your fiat currency in a place they have never stolen it before. My bet is people need to pile into short term Treasury bills directly with the Treasury. If you leave you cash in a commercial Zionist controlled bank,… Read more »