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Medellin Real Estate Investing Vlog: Episode #3 Hard Money, Fast Carts

Real Estate

This is a small “behind the scenes” of my daily life as a real estate investor in Medellin, Colombia.

On this episode, I show you what happens in the life of real estate investor during a week full of business, apartments, and also fun, because gringos know the perfect way to enjoy every moment, even more, if we are in one of the best cities in the world.

I meet my friend Chris, a hard money lender. He introduced me to a young entrepreneur who is looking to get a loan of 400 million COP!

My main project is The Gold Apartment. That's why I take my electric scooter (which I find super useful) and ride there to see all the progress I've been expecting.

Check out my surprise when I realize how nice the zebrawood is! This property is going to be fantastic! T

hen I go through the Art Apartment explaining this incredible project. This apartment belonged to a famous Colombian artist. Listen to all the construction's details, and of course, the plan we have for the final result. And finally, I take my employees to compete in a GO KARTS race, in which I show them why I am the boss here!

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