Money, Inflation, and the “Great Reset” – Robert Kiyosaki, Kim Kiyosaki, George Gammon


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Big takeaways from this show:

  • You need to be flexible where you live. If you are not cognizant of that, then you can easily become a victim of new policies put forth by central planners inside out-of-control governments.
  • The Cantillon effect is hard at work padding the cophers of global elites like the Clintons, and the World Economic Forum.
  • Global elites are pushing The Great Reset agenda, whose aim is to centralize power in the guise of opportunity. These are the insiders who are “buddy-buddy” with the money printers, the central bankers.
  • Expect more wealth inequality as Cantillon effects ramp-up and global elites siphon off more of the World's wealth.
  • Asset prices will continue to rise as insiders sell at the top to retail investors who know no better.
  • The Global elite is incentivized more when economies do poorly. They are incentivized by negative interest rates because it destroys the banking system. A sick economy encourages more money printing by central banks, and the closer the insiders are to the source of money printing, the richer they get.
  • Now is the only time in history where GDP has collapsed and yet stockmarkets have sky-rocketed.
  • George feels a cash ban is coming and there will only be one central bank. If you look at the banking for all act, it states we will all have an account with the fed, which negates the need for banks.
  • A single central bank will give them the power to distribute money however they see fit. In worse case scenarios, they can loan you money, not a credit score (your ability to pay it back) but your social score (how you behave in society).
  • You can either be a victim or you can be prepared. It's your choice.
  • Plus much…much more…

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