Patrick Ceresna reveals How you Can Invest In Gold and Silver Mining stocks With Little Risk

Here's why you should care

The sweet spot of it was it has a lot of upside with a very low risk you can showcase this informative learning curve that was being detailed about the best investment. Do you want deep details about it?

Here's the first Part of four series on Tuesday of February 25, 2020.

This Rebel Capitalist Show Educational Series helps you learn more about being a better entrepreneur, and investor while achieving your work-life freedom.

In this episode, Patrick will focus on options trading.

We'll start from the basics and evolve into more advanced tactics by episode 3.

If you are interested in making money in silver, gold, uranium, or oil then watch this educational series.

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2 years ago

Dear George, dear Patrick, you are describing the slv transactions. how come that you bought a put at a strike of 16 and sold a call at a strike of 19, when you got the stocks at 13,..? There must have been a rally between the time you bought the stocks and a second point in time when set up the options, right?