Will you survive the US pension crisis?

It will undoubtedly affect all Americans in one way or another.

In this video, I give you all the information you need about the pension crisis facing most every state, why it will most likely lead to an economic crisis, and one of the only things you can do to protect yourself and your investments.

The state of California has a pension deficit of $82,000 per household. And that's not even the worst state!!

Rebel Capitalist Pro

There's no way the state pension funds can meet their obligations.

What will make matters worse is they'll continue to go further out the risk curve and one day it'll most likely implode.

In this pension crisis video I discuss the following:

1. How do pension funds work?

2. What's the problem?

3. Why the pension crisis could trigger a financial crisis and real estate crash

4. Statistics, figures, and facts

5. What you can do to protect yourself

Watch the video above to learn more

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