Peter Boockvar (Bond Market Calling Fed’s Bluff, Commodity Bull Run, Mortgages Rates Going UP!)

“Considering that post-financial crisis with zero rates, negative rates, and QE even though we know that the bank of Japan sort initiated that playbook in years prior but call that the modern era if central banking and all this type of central banks that have done this type of policy have been able to get away with it because the inflation numbers have been low as measured. So it sort of gave them license to keep on going and they low rates and if flow rates aren’t good enough lets lower rates more and if lower rates aren’t good enough then let’s lower rates even more and if our balance sheet is not enough to let’s just enlarge it more and if that doesn’t work let's enlarge it more so that’s all fine and good for them as long as inflation remains low.” Peter Boockvar. To learn more about his concept on Market Bond, Inflation, and Mortgage Rates click the video link below.

Here are the highlights of the video:

  • Concept of Bond Market Calling Fed’s Bluff
  • Impact of Yield Curve Control
  • Bull Market or Bear Market?
  • M2 Money Supply
  • Good Inflation and Bad Inflation
  • Mortgage Moratorium / Rent Forbearance
  • Wealth Tax
  • Commodity Run
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