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Peter Schiff (Inflation Deep Dive, US Needs Monetary Heroin, New Gold Standard, Economic Principles)

Rebel Capitalist Show

Here are the highlights of the video:

  • Why do businesses don't want to lose the value of their inventory?
  • The Relationship of Consumer Inflation and Government's Expenses
  • Supply is what creates real demand, but if you don't have supply, the demand is meaningless.
  • Why bigger trade deficit results in more goods that are being imported?
  • What dominates the US market?
  • Central Bank Digital Currency: Is it possible that most of the money in Central Bank is already digital?
  • Why is gold the anchor of the monetary system?
  • The Reason Why Dollar Is Going To Crash
  • How a dollar crisis can ultimately spark a worldwide currency crisis?
  • How gold and dollar correlate to each other?