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Real Estate Investing Vlog #10 – I Made A HUGE Mistake!

Real Estate

You're going to LOVE this week's real estate investing vlog!

Joaquin drops a bombshell on me about the platinum apartment. I have to decide between a wine rack and a toilet!

And we introduce you to a brand new remodel project that will be documenting on this real estate investing vlog from start to finish!!

Weekly updates on real projects, as they progress, so you can learn by watching. Real projects, real money, in real-time!

There's no better way to learn than by watching it actually done. 😉

The vlog this week starts out with Joaquin calling me and saying he needs to speak with me immediately, which is never a good thing.

When I got to the platinum apartment project he said he wants to demo a bathroom!! You've gotta see this.

Then we go to a new project, a two story penthouse remodel. This place will blow your mind, 30 ft ceilings and Joaquin hit a home run with design renders for the remodels.

I'm really excited for you guys to see this project as it progresses.

You'll get massive value from seeing the process from start to finish.