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Rebel Capitalist Q&A July 5, 2020


We had another fantastic Live Q&A today! We're seeing an uptick in questions related to macro, investing, real estate, and even personal freedom, which is absolutely great.

You really need to stay ahead of what is going on out there!

If you have a question that you'd like George to ask directly, then tune into the Live Q&A every Sunday at 12 pm EST on the George Gammon youtube channel.

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If you are strapped for time, then click PLAY on the video above, and fast forward to the question you are interested in using the timestamps we provided below.

Macro Questions

  1. [7min0sec] Do you think a March Crash will happen again?
  2. [16min11sec] If rates go negative, would the USD lose its World Currency status?
  3. [26min49sec] Will Communism and this Orwellian Destruction History lead to fascism taking over the United States? Almost exactly how it did with Weimar as it turned to Nazi Germany?
  4. [31min53sec] Would it be best for the World Economies to work together? A lot of videos being made recently about game theory, infinite games, and universal currencies.
  5. [36min53sec] The problem with an open trade is every country has different regulations and taxes.
  6. [41min10sec] George, how do you see the Colombian Peso against the US Dollar in the next five years?
  7. [43min30sec] How do you think the Indian Economy will do in the near-term?
  8. [44min26sec] Do you think we'll get into basic income? And what do you think the consequences will be?
  9. [46min36sec] Do you think we'll go back to Gold Standard?
  10. [47min53sec] George what would it take for the US to go to negative interest rates?
  11. [54min08sec] Do you think the Fed will crash the Dollar in order to bring in a new world cryptocurrency that will save us from hyperinflation?
  12. [1hr08min56sec] How could the TGA or the Treasury General Account be used to increase asset prices like equities this year?

Investing Questions

  1. [5min57sec] Hey George! It would be great if you could talk about Options Trading, Security Call, and stuff like that. Maybe explain a good way to protect your investment?
  2. [13min33sec] George, what are your thoughts on the long and short funds to play long volatility as it has been posted on The Rebel Capitalist Forum? How to choose the best?
  3. [45min32sec] What's the best way to hedge against Consumer Price Inflation?
  4. [50min15sec] Do you believe there's a manipulation in the Gold market with derivatives if people demand physical metals, the LBMA could go bust like banks using fractional reserve?
  5. [51min21sec] Do you think the Gold price could fall again if the monetary policy works out like 2009?
  6. [55min57sec] What Portfolio Asset Allocation do you recommend?
  7. [59min26sec] George, are you still buying PHYS, or any gold royalty companies? I was looking into RLGD which fell recently. I'm worried about exposure to countries without access to Fed swaps.
  8. [1hr01min00sec] Is it better to wait to buy Gold mining shares in case the stock market crashes?
  9. [1hr03min25sec] Issues with Chris Cole's Dragon Portfolio: one of them is it makes no mention of specific assets. Holdings equities he backtested with long vol has lackluster risk-reward replaced with more commodities?
  10. [1hr05min26sec] How do I know if something is cheap?

Real Estate Questions

  1. [17min31sec] Why Medellin and not Bogota? Is it strictly for the real state market that is there starting language school when traveling restrictions open?
  2. [19min0sec] Why not buy Canadian real estate? I know it's not cheap but wouldn't be around the same price as rent.
  3. [42min07sec] What are your top US rental markets for investment?
  4. [47min33sec] By homeless savings or mortgage?

Personal Freedom Questions

  1. [10min42sec] Hey George! Can you explain to someone that's receiving unemployment until they return to work on where they should start? And when it comes to growing wealth instead of keeping it in savings in a bank?
  2. [20min25sec] George, things in the US are getting really bad. Can you do a video going over the steps to become an ex-pat and leave this dumpster fire?

Miscellaneous Questions

  1. [44min43sec] George, you mentioned in your last video the owners of the Fed website states no one owns it and the board of Governors manages it.
  2. [49min22sec] Do you think it will be a war between China and the USA over Taiwan?
  3. [53min03sec] George, can you recommend a good newsletter focusing on Gold miners?
  4. [57min02sec] What do you think will play out in the US socially and economically within the next six months? I'm planning to head back to Florida in August to finish off what I started.

If you have a question that you'd like George to ask directly, then tune into the:
Live Q&A every Sunday at 12 pm EST on the George Gammon youtube channel.