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Rebel Capitalist Q&A June 28, 2020


We had another fantastic Live Q&A today! We're seeing an uptick in questions related to personal freedom and investing, which is great.

You really need to stay ahead of what is going on out there!

If you have a question that you'd like George to ask directly, then tune into the Live Q&A every Sunday at 12 pm EST on the George Gammon youtube channel.

If you are strapped for time, then click PLAY on the video above, and fast forward to the question you are interested in using the timestamps we provided below.

Macro Questions

  1. [6min39sec] How will the US react if Biden wins the election?
  2. [15min48sec] Can you explain how QE eventually causes long-term rates to increase and what it would take for a new rate cycle to start?

Investing Questions

  1. [8min36sec] What will happen to gold, silver, US stocks, foreign stocks, and the dollar if Biden wins?
  2. [9min56sec] Please, may I have one specific investment play where I can buy inexpensive where you are looking to sell expensive later? I cannot buy Midwest real estate or move to Colombia. Thanks!
  3. [13min10sec] Is silver a great opportunity?
  4. [1hr12min05sec] The equity portion of the Dragon Portfolio appears to be made up of only US equities. Thoughts on including emerging markets, such as India plus Russia into that mix?

Real Estate Questions

  1. [27min42sec] Hey George! Rents on Numbeo for Medellin seem super cheap. Are rental yields in Poblado much higher than the average rent to get a 2% Rent to Value?
  2. [33min27sec] If you see inflation coming, do you still not recommend buying real estate in the cyclical market? I live in one and don't want to be priced out.
  3. [37min13sec] Hi George. I am placing my 5 unit rental at Vallejo, California (Bay Area) on market. I'm afraid too much supply comes up on the market, I wonder how much normal market time I have until the additional supply that are coming in line will drive prices down?
  4. [50min29sec] Should we invest in Canadian Real Estate (Toronto Suburb like London, Windsor, Etc.)? Does it have the same effect as the USA?
  5. [52min07sec] Thoughts on buying investment properties in Texas?
  6. [57min30sec] Hi George! Is rent-to-rent a good strategy to use in the current property market post-COVID-19 in England?󠁧󠁢󠁥
  7. [1hr06min20sec] What do you think about the real estate niche of affordable housing and group homes? With this model you can rent per bed and 10x cash flow. Do you have any experience with this type of model?

Personal Freedom Questions

  1. [4min36sec] George if you could recommend a single book on the topic of investing what would it be? I recently read “The Richest Man in Babylon” which was great and would love something new to read.
  2. [14min33sec] What would you do with 100k?
  3. [24min04sec] If we have inflation higher than interest rates like the 1940s, should we try and borrow more money?
  4. [42min45sec] Thoughts on Simple IRA's right now? Not even close to retirement but I’m curious. Scared to lose that money, 30k. Should I keep it there?

Miscellaneous Questions

  1. [5min47sec] Thoughts on the best way, or experts who can help, to invest in Automation/AI now? Thanks.
  2. [13min29sec] Now 50 years old. House hacked homes in BC ski town & Southeast Asia. Work ½ time in Canada during ski season rest surfing Southeast Asia $750k non-Real Estate assets. Gold/Silver, equities/cash. What currency to hold: USD, CDN, VNM, SGD?
  3. [41min26sec] Can you please explain why Bitcoin seems to be so tethered to the stock market?
  4. [50min15sec] Have you heard of the Cambria Tail Risk ETF? If yes, what do you think about it?
  5. [59min56sec] What would have to happen that would make you want to renounce your US citizenship?

If you have a question that you'd like George to ask directly, then tune into the:
Live Q&A every Sunday at 12 pm EST on the George Gammon youtube channel.