Rebel Capitalist Q&A May 10, 2020


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LIVE STREAM Q&A I'll start off by answering some questions from the comments section of recent videos and then we'll open it up to live questions

Got a question about gold? Buying a house? The next recession? The Fed? My investment strategies? Or maybe my favorite band? (Guns N Roses) If you've got a question, whatever it is…

I'm going to give you an answer!!

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In this LIVE Q&A, I'm going to help YOU build wealth and thrive in a world of out of control central banks and big governments!

In this Live Q&A we discussed Questions like:

  • Hello George, which of the communities or neighborhoods in or around Medellin Columbia would you pick to invest in?
  • Hi, George, can you interview Kevin O'Leary, Mark Cuban, Mark Hayes, Ray Dalio? Ray believes printing money is the solution.
  • I am a recent follower. Do you think the price for American housing will fall in the near future? Is it worth buying foreign properties instead, if so, where is it safe?
  • With unlimited funny money, don't you think companies like $TSLA and $UBER not only survive but thrive?
  • My friend has most of her savings denominated in New Zealand Dollars. Even if it's not pegged to the USD, how much do you think it is exposed to the strong dollar?
  • I own rental property, and my tenants are leaving. Currently, there is a moratorium on evictions, so I'm hesitant to continue renting. Should I sell or keep the income-producing asset?
  • The ECB keeping rates negative. Most mortgage payments are floating, linked to six-month or 12-month Euribor (or is it LIBOR?). What future do you see for the Euribor interest rate?
  • Do you think about investing in food? Foresee any upcoming price rises? What instrument do you recommend, food producer stock, fertilizers, seed producers?
  • Mr. Sinclair said the low demand for capital, due to the collapse of the economy, due to the pandemic, is a blessing to the Fed, to control the repo market. What do you think?
  • Are there any major US banks too exposed and at risk of going under?
  • Silver has been moving parallel with the S&P since February 23rd. Am I right to wait for the markets to fall before buying silver?
  • What do I think of the Swiss franc better than U.S. Dollar or the euro?
  • Bitcoin are you waiting to buy?
  • What could happen to the price of $GLD relative to physical gold, given the speculative components of the ETF's?
  • I own a mortgage-free condo in Vegas that I bought in 2010. The neighborhood is getting a little ghetto, so I want to buy a house. Thoughts on Vegas housing and the best time to buy or sell?
  • Isn't it a given that oil futures are gonna go negative again on the 19th because they haven't figured out the storage as the bottom line?
  • With respect to the Long volatility portion of a portfolio, is it a short-term trade, less than one year? Or more of a long-term trade via options?

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