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Rebel Capitalist Q&A May 17 2020



In this new Rebel Capitalist Live Stream Q&A episode, I'll start by answering some questions from the comments section of recent videos and then we'll open it up to live questions.

Got a question about Gold? Buying a house? The next recession? The Fed? My investment strategies? Or maybe my favorite band? (Guns N Roses) 😉

If you've got a question, whatever it is…I'm going to give you an answer!

Rebel Capitalist Pro
In this LIVE Q&A, I'm going to help YOU build wealth and thrive in a world of out of control central banks and big governments! I'll SEE YOU!! Sunday, May 17th at 12 pm EST 😉👍

In this Q&A we discuss questions like:

  • Why did Japan's history of extreme QE not trash their currency?

  • What do you think of the IBC?

  • How do you invest in physical gold if you're in a 403b?

  • Should oil go negative again on Tuesday, and if the problem continues every month how do you see it affecting the grand scheme of things?

  • What do you think of targeting single-family homes with significant land that might be valuable for agriculture harvesting natural resources?

  • Should I sell and invest elsewhere such as foreign equities or gold stocks?

  • If you were 64 secure in retirement with a Social Security pension, what would you do with 1 million that you had parked in deferred tax IRA in cash?

  • Hi George, I was thinking of taking out a £20,000 loan to stack a little more gold and silver?

  • If QE didn't reach the real economy in Japan after three decades what would cause it to leak in the U.S. real economy?

  • How would you invest to protect your future from future turbulence?

  • When infinite QE crashes the dollar,  what will happen then?

  • What sort of advice would you give someone in their 20's with a decent engineer career and tons of student debt?

  • If interest rates go to zero and below wouldn't the banks be averse to lending?

  • Hi, George how was your experience with act 20 and 22 in PR?

  • Do you use the occupancy rate to evaluate investment opportunities in Medellin especially in areas where Airbnb increases your income?

  • How do you limit losses in case you're wrong about an investment, and those using a stop loss go against your strategy of buying an asset when it's cheap?

  • What small business would you start or buy this year online?

  • Any Crypto folding currency backed by silver thoughts?

  • George, where do you, buy your T bills, through the brokerage?,   Treasury direct? where do you store them safely to minimize a third-party risk and have guaranteed?

  • Is Medellin market linear or cyclical?

Make sure to watch Live Q&A video to get answers to your questions.