Recession 2020 is Already Here and It’s Going To Be Worse Than 2009

The 2020 Recession Is In Full Swing This recession is going to be much worse than the one we had in 2009. I give 5 reasons why in this video.

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Recession 2020 is  Here

In this recession 2020 video, YOU are going to discover 5 reasons (NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT) the next recession will be far worse than the 2008/2009 recession.

The Fed has created so much malinvestment, by keeping interest rates artificially low, we now have the EVERYTHING BUBBLE.

Stocks are in a bubble, bonds are in a bubble, housing is in a bubble and the 2020 recession (which the data suggests is highly probable) will be the pin that pricks them all.

We've had recessions in the US every 6-8 years throughout our history, and we're currently 10 years into an expansion which makes the US due for a recession in 2020.

While not all recessions are devastating, because the debt bubbles are so much bigger now than in 2009, the next recession has the potential to be the worst by far.

In this recession 2020 video, I discuss the following:

1. Derivatives

2. Massive debt levels

3. The economy is now 100% dependent on asset prices

4. Mal investment

5. Fed is out of ammo!

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