Recession Watch: Terrifying New Data Uncovered! (BE PREPARED)


Recession ahead? Or are we in a recession now?

The talking heads in the media and the politicians tell us unemployment is low and the economy is great.

But is it? On the surface, yes, but once you dig deeper it starts to get ugly. You'll discover that it's possible we never got out of the last recession! That's right, we're still in the great recession of 2009. How can that be? It's the government's sleight of hand with the numbers.

They constantly change the way numbers, like GDP, are measured to look as if the economy is doing well.

Rebel Capitalist Pro

The problem is if the numbers were calculated consistently, like they were prior to 1994, by the government's own statistics the US would be in a recession. We never left the last recession, it's been a great depression like period of US history.

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