Repo Market Bailout: TERRIFYING Unintended Consequences Revealed!


Repo market bailout disaster

This follows up to the repo market “end game” video yesterday (see link below) will blow your mind!

We know the Fed will most likely have to take over the repo market and set up a permanent repo facility or standing repo facility.

This won't happen in a vacuum, it will create tremendous moral hazard and unintended consequences. Will it create inflation? Deflation? economic collapse? or a dollar crisis?

The Fed can't print billions of currency units and inject them into the repo market without serious unintended consequences.

But very few people understand the repo market well enough to explain why it's not a good idea to micromanage the repo market.

If you have an interest in the repo market or the American economy this is a “must watch” video!

The repo market is a hot topic and rightfully so, it's the plumbing for the entire financial system, and when something goes wrong in the repo market that could mean disaster.

But to understand how to prepare for a potential repo market blow up we have to understand what the unintended consequences are if the Fed takes over the repo market, which the most likely will.

I can promise you the insights shared on this video you're never going to hear anywhere else!

In this repo market bailout video I discuss:

  • Why the Fed has to take over the repo market.
  • Basic unintended consequences of the Fed taking over the repo market.
  • Horrifying end game scenario for the repo market you can't afford to miss!

Click the video above to learn more!