Robert Barnes on What To Do When Your Liberties Are Under Attack – RCS Ep. 89

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Robert Barnes joins me today to discuss the Legal Aspects of the Lockdowns, Proposed Wealth Taxes, and every growing infringement on your Rights and Private Property!

We also talk about what YOU need to know to survive, thrive, and ensure your Personal Freedom is never in jeopardy.

Robert Barnes is a Constitutional and Free Speech Lawyer. He is one of the smartest lawyers I know. Robert is my go-to guy when I have a legal question about what's going on in this insane world we live in.

You can find him on his website Barnes Law LLP by clicking HERE and on Twitter with a user name @Barnes_Law.

My interview with Robert Barnes started with the basics of what is legal and what is not. I mentioned to him what is happening in Puerto Rico right now which I learned from Peter Schiff. Some of you guys know that I interviewed Peter in the last episode of The Rebel Capitalist Show before this one.

In Puerto Rico right now, aside from shutting down businesses, the government will give you a $100 fine if you are not wearing a mask even you are a hundred-mile away from anybody else. Or even if you are in the forest!

So I ask Robert…

Are these things legal?!

To hear what Robert Barnes has to say and for the complete interview, watch the video above.

As always, The Rebel Capitalist Show helps YOU learn more about Macro, Investing, Entrepreneurship, and Personal Freedom. If you're interested in Personal Liberty, then this is a MUST-WATCH video!

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