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Robert Kiyosaki Believes America is on the Road Communism

Robert Kiyosaki is a prominent figure in the world of personal finance. He has authored several books, including his most famous work “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” which has sold over 32 million copies globally.

Kiyosaki's teachings are centered around financial literacy and building wealth through passive income streams, real estate investments, and entrepreneurship.

Kiyosaki's success as an entrepreneur and author has made him an important figure in the personal finance industry. Rich Dad Company provides financial education to people worldwide through books, seminars, and games.

One of Kiyosaki's core beliefs is that traditional education does not teach people how to manage money effectively. He advocates for financial literacy as a crucial skill that everyone should possess to achieve financial freedom.

However, Kiyosaki's investment strategies have been criticized by some experts for being too risky.

Despite the minor criticisms leveled against him, Robert Kiyosaki remains an influential voice in the world of personal finance. His teachings inspire millions worldwide to take control of their finances and build a better future for themselves and their families.

Get to Know Robert Kiyosaki: An Overview of His Life and Career

Robert Kiyosaki is a well-known American businessman and author who has made a name for himself in the world of personal finance. He is best known for his book “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” which has sold over 32 million copies worldwide. In this section, we will take an in-depth look at Robert Kiyosaki's life and career, including his background, accomplishments, and beliefs.


Before delving into his career, it's important to understand Robert Kiyosaki's background. He was born on April 8th, 1947, in Hilo, Hawaii. His parents were both educators – his father was an academic, and his mother was a registered nurse. Despite their professions, Kiyosaki claims that he did not receive much financial education from them.

Kiyosaki attended the United States Merchant Marine Academy after high school but dropped out after two years to join the Marine Corps during the Vietnam War. After serving in the military for several years, he returned to civilian life and started working for Xerox Corporation as a salesperson.


Robert Kiyosaki began his career in business and finance by founding several companies before eventually becoming an author and speaker on personal finance topics. In 1997, he published “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” which became an instant success and remains one of the most popular personal finance books of all time.

Since then, Robert Kiyosaki has written over 26 personal finance and investing books. His net worth is estimated to be around $100 million due to his successful writing career as well as other ventures such as real estate investments.

One of Kiyosaki's most notable contributions to financial literacy is the board game “Cashflow 101.” Through simulated scenarios, this game teaches players about financial principles such as cash flow management and investing. The game has been praised for its ability to make learning about finances fun and engaging.


Robert Kiyosaki is a proponent of financial education and believes that the traditional education system does not adequately prepare individuals for financial success. He argues that schools teach people to become employees rather than entrepreneurs or investors, which limits their potential for wealth creation.

Robert Kiyosaki also advocates for taking risks and investing in assets such as real estate and stocks. He believes that these investments have the potential to generate passive income and build wealth over time.

The Personal and Professional Life of Robert Kiyosaki: Early Life, Family, and Financial Advice

Early Life and Family of Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki was born in Hilo, Hawaii on April 8, 1947. His father was a highly educated government official who worked for the State of Hawaii, while his mother was a registered nurse. Kiyosaki's family moved frequently due to his father's job transfers. This resulted in him attending several different schools throughout his childhood.

Kiyosaki's personal life was shaped by two influential figures: his father and his “rich dad.” His biological father instilled in him the importance of education and hard work. However, his “rich dad,” actually the father of one of Kiyosaki's friends, taught him about financial independence and investing.

Financial Struggles and Motivation

Despite having a well-educated father, Kiyosaki's family struggled financially during his early years. In fact, they declared bankruptcy when he was just thirteen years old. This experience motivated him to learn more about personal finance and investing.

After graduating from high school in 1965, Robert Kiyosaki attended the United States Merchant Marine Academy in New York. He later served as a helicopter gunship pilot during the Vietnam War before returning to civilian life.

Career as an Entrepreneur and Author

Robert Kiyosaki began his career as an entrepreneur by starting several businesses in various industries, such as retailing, real estate development, and education. However, it wasn't until he wrote “Rich Dad Poor Dad” that he gained widespread recognition.

Published in 1997, “Rich Dad Poor Dad” is a personal finance book that has sold over 32 million copies worldwide. The book emphasizes the importance of financial education and passive income streams for achieving financial independence.

Kiyosaki has since written numerous other books on personal finance and investing. He has also founded several companies focused on providing financial education and training.

Robert Kiyosaki's Business Ventures and Investments: A Look at His Career and Financial Advice

Investments and entrepreneurship are two fields that have become increasingly popular in recent years. Robert Kiyosaki is a name that has become synonymous with both of these areas, having made a name for himself through his successful business ventures and investments.

Real Estate Ventures

One of Kiyosaki's most notable areas of expertise is real estate. He has founded several companies that specialize in this field, including the Rich Dad Company, which offers financial education resources and tools to entrepreneurs and investors. Through his various real estate ventures, Kiyosaki has demonstrated his ability to create successful companies and generate significant wealth.

Financial Advice

In addition to his real estate ventures, Kiyosaki is also known for his financial advice. His “Rich Dad Poor Dad” series of books provides entrepreneurs and those seeking to improve their financial situation with valuable insights into how they can achieve their goals. The series emphasizes the importance of investing in oneself as well as investing in assets such as real estate, stocks, bonds, and precious metals like gold and silver.

Seminars & Workshops

Robert Kiyosaki also conducts seminars and workshops that focus on financial education and investment strategies. These events provide attendees with the opportunity to learn from one of the most successful investors in the world today. By sharing his experiences and insights into what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur or investor, Kiyosaki helps individuals gain the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their finances.

Gold & Silver Investments

One area where Robert Kiyosaki differs from many other investors is his strong advocacy for investing in gold and silver to protect one's wealth over time. He believes that these precious metals offer a hedge against inflation and other economic uncertainties that can erode the value of traditional investments like stocks or bonds.

Preparing for the Next Financial Crash: Robert Kiyosaki's Business and Financial Advice

Importance of Financial Education

Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the best-selling book “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” has been a vocal advocate for financial education. He believes financial education is crucial in preparing for the next financial crash. He believes that most people are not financially literate and do not understand how money works, which puts them at a disadvantage when it comes to making sound financial decisions.

Robert Kiyosaki argues that traditional education does not teach students about money or how to manage it. Therefore, individuals must take responsibility for their own financial education. They should seek out resources such as books, seminars, and online courses to learn about personal finance and investing.

Bankruptcy as a Valuable Learning Experience

Kiyosaki also believes that bankruptcy can be a valuable learning experience. He himself went bankrupt in his 20s but used the experience to learn from his mistakes and develop better financial habits. He encourages individuals who have gone through bankruptcy to view it as an opportunity to start over and make better choices in the future.

Diversifying Investments

In addition to financial education, Robert Kiyosaki advises diversifying investments to protect against economic downturns. He recommends creating multiple streams of income by investing in assets that generate passive income, such as real estate or stocks, rather than relying solely on earned income from a job.

Investing in Assets That Generate Passive Income

One of Kiyosaki's core principles is investing in assets that generate passive income. This means investing in things like rental properties or dividend-paying stocks that provide regular cash flow without requiring active involvement from the investor.

Taking Control of Finances

Robert Kiyosaki stresses the importance of taking control of one's finances rather than relying solely on financial advisors or institutions. He encourages individuals to educate themselves about personal finance and investing so they can make informed decisions about their money.

Being Proactive

Finally, Robert Kiyosaki encourages individuals to be proactive. He believes people should take action to secure their financial well-being.

Escaping the Rat Race: What School Didn't Teach You About Money with Robert and Kim Kiyosaki

Robert and Kim Kiyosaki believe that schools and academies do not teach financial education, which is crucial for escaping the rat race.

They argue that the traditional educational system focuses on teaching students how to become employees rather than entrepreneurs or investors.

As a result, many people end up trapped in the rat race, working long hours at jobs they don't enjoy just to make ends meet.

The Kiyosakis' journey toward financial freedom began in Hawaii, where they met their mentor, who taught them about money. This mentor helped them understand the importance of financial education and how it could help them achieve their goals. They learned that creating multiple streams of income was key to achieving financial freedom.

Robert Kiyosaki believes that people should not rely on a job for income but instead create multiple streams of income. He argues that relying on a single source of income is risky because if you lose your job, you lose your only source of income. By creating multiple streams of income, you can protect yourself from the risk of losing everything.

The Kiyosakis developed the concept of “velcro” to explain how people can attach themselves to successful individuals and learn from them. They believe that by surrounding yourself with successful people, you can learn from their experiences and avoid making costly mistakes.

After leaving Hawaii, Robert and Kim moved to Canada to start their own company. They eventually became financially free through real estate investing. Real estate investing allowed them to create passive income streams that provided them with financial security.

Robert Kiyosaki emphasizes the importance of taking risks and learning from failures in order to achieve financial success. He argues that failure is an essential part of the learning process and that we should embrace it rather than fear it.

Keeping Up with Robert Kiyosaki: Latest Videos and Updates

Robert Kiyosaki, the renowned author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, is a well-known figure in the world of personal finance and investing. Through his books, seminars, and online content, he has been helping people achieve financial freedom for years. In today's digital age, keeping up with Robert Kiyosaki is easier than ever before. Let's take a look at some of the latest videos and updates from this financial guru.

Latest Videos on YouTube

Robert Kiyosaki regularly posts videos on his YouTube channel that cover a range of topics related to personal finance and investing. His most recent video, titled “Is the Great Reset Happening?,” discusses the potential impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the global economy.

In this video, he talks about how governments around the world are printing money to keep their economies afloat during these challenging times.

Robert Kiyosaki also shares his thoughts on why he thinks we are headed toward an economic collapse and how individuals can prepare themselves financially. He advises viewers to invest in assets such as gold, silver, and real estate that will hold their value during tough economic times.

Other videos on his channel cover topics such as entrepreneurship, taxes, debt management, and more. These videos offer valuable insights into how individuals can take control of their finances and build wealth over time.

Social Media Updates

In addition to his YouTube channel, Robert Kiyosaki frequently updates his social media accounts with insights and advice for his followers. You can find him on Twitter (@theRealKiyosaki) where he shares quotes from his books along with commentary on current events.

On Instagram (@therealkiyosaki), he shares inspirational quotes and photos from his travels worldwide. He also uses this platform to promote his latest book releases and upcoming seminars.

Interviews & Podcast Appearances

Robert Kiyosaki has been featured in numerous interviews and podcasts over the years. Some of his most notable appearances include The Rebel Capitalist Show, The Rich Dad Radio Show, and The Tony Robbins Podcast.

In these interviews, Kiyosaki shares his insights into personal finance and investing. He talks about his own experiences with building wealth and offers advice for individuals just starting their financial journey.

Live Events & Seminars

Fans of Robert Kiyosaki's work can attend his live events and seminars to learn more about personal finance and investing. These events cover topics such as real estate investing, stock market strategies, and financial education.

Kiyosaki's seminars are designed to be interactive and engaging. Attendees have the opportunity to ask questions, network with other like-minded individuals, and gain valuable insights into how they can achieve financial freedom.

Latest Book Release

Robert Kiyosaki's latest book release is titled “The Capitalist Code: It Can Save Your Life and Make You Very Rich.” This book offers insights into the mindset and strategies of successful investors.

In this book, Kiyosaki shares his thoughts on why capitalism is the best economic system in the world. He also talks about how individuals can take advantage of capitalism to build wealth over time.

When Major Cities Go Broke: Robert Kiyosaki's Quarantine Updates and Event Schedule

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused widespread economic disruption, with major cities like New York facing unprecedented challenges. Robert Kiyosaki, a renowned author and financial expert, has closely monitored the situation and provided regular updates on how investors can protect their finances during these uncertain times.

Kiyosaki's quarantine updates have highlighted the potential for major cities to go broke as a result of the pandemic. He has warned that the global economy is more fragile than many people realize and that the current crisis could lead to a depression worse than the one experienced in the 1930s.

Despite these dire warnings, Kiyosaki remains optimistic about the opportunities for those who are prepared to adapt and invest wisely. He believes that there will be winners and losers in this crisis, and that those who are able to stay ahead of the curve will come out on top.

Kiyosaki is adapting to the current situation by shifting his event schedule to focus on online webinars and virtual conferences. This allows him to continue providing valuable insights to his followers while adhering to social distancing guidelines.

Kiyosaki's insights on the impact of COVID-19 on real estate markets in cities like New York have been particularly relevant for investors seeking to navigate the current uncertainty. He has pointed out that while some areas may experience short-term declines in property values, others may actually see an increase in demand as people seek out less densely populated areas.

Key Takeaways from Robert Kiyosaki's Life and Work

Focus on Cash Flow, Not Net Worth

One of the key takeaways from Robert Kiyosaki's life and work is to focus on cash flow rather than net worth. This means that instead of solely focusing on accumulating assets and increasing your net worth, you should prioritize generating a steady stream of income through investments and other sources.

Kiyosaki believes that this approach is essential for achieving financial freedom and independence. By prioritizing cash flow, you can create a sustainable source of income that allows you to cover your expenses and achieve your financial goals without relying on a traditional job or paycheck.

This lesson is particularly relevant in today's economy, where many people are struggling to make ends meet due to job loss or other financial setbacks. By focusing on cash flow, you can build resilience and flexibility into your finances, allowing you to weather economic storms and come out ahead in the long run.

Lessons from “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”

Another key takeaway from Kiyosaki's work is the importance of financial education. In his best-selling book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” Kiyosaki shares lessons he learned from his two fathers: his biological father (the “poor dad”) who worked hard but struggled financially, and his best friend's father (the “rich dad”) who was a successful entrepreneur and investor.

Through these two contrasting examples, Kiyosaki emphasizes the importance of understanding how money works and learning how to invest wisely. He encourages readers to think outside the box, suggesting that traditional jobs may not be enough to achieve true financial freedom.

Instead, Kiyosaki advocates for building assets such as real estate or businesses that generate passive income streams. He also stresses the importance of taking calculated risks and being willing to learn from failures along the way.

Wrapping Up: The Impact of Robert Kiyosaki on Business and Finance

In conclusion, Robert Kiyosaki has significantly impacted the world of business and finance. His life and career have been dedicated to helping people achieve financial success through his books, seminars, and investments.

Kiyosaki's teachings emphasize the importance of cash flow over income and the need for financial education to achieve financial freedom. He encourages people to take control of their finances by investing in assets that generate passive income rather than relying solely on a job.

Through his company Rich Global LLC, Kiyosaki has also helped many individuals start their own businesses and invest in real estate. He believes that entrepreneurship is key to achieving financial success and encourages everyone to pursue their passions.

One notable investment venture for Kiyosaki was purchasing rippers in Hilo, which allowed him to gain valuable experience managing a company while generating passive income.

Kiyosaki's impact can be seen through his successful business ventures and the countless individuals he has inspired to take control of their finances. His book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” alone has sold millions of copies worldwide and continues to be a popular resource for those seeking financial education.

In recent times, Kiyosaki's quarantine updates have provided valuable insights into navigating the current economic climate. He emphasizes the need for individuals to prepare for an impending financial crash by diversifying their investments and focusing on cashflow-generating assets.

American finance author and investor Robert Kiyosaki Kiyosaki in 2023 Robert Toru Kiyosaki (born April 8, 1947) is an American entrepreneur, businessman and author.[1] Kiyosaki is the founder of Rich Global LLC and the Rich Dad Company, a private financial education company that provides personal finance and business education to people through books and videos.