Robert Kiyosaki Believes America is on the Road to a Communist Takeover

Rebel Capitalist Show

Robert Kiyosaki has been in the real estate investing game for decades. In that time, he has also accumulated major political knowledge about American affairs.

Financial freedom and political freedom are inextricably linked. With financial freedom one is no longer shackled by the caprices of politicians and bureaucrats.

However, the current system promotes economic paths that make people dependent on working for woke corporations.

Even worse is the level of indoctrination people are subjected to in their early school years all the way to the university level. Then they get finished off through sensitive training and other forms of conditioning in Corporate America.

As the country becomes more unstable, the allure of radical philosophies such as Marxism becomes more intensified. 

An entire generation has been indoctrinated into hating private property and free markets. With all these factors in mind, the great US of A could be in for some rough times in the decades ahead.

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