Rollo Tomassi (How “Red Pill” Dynamics Will Affect Our Economic Future And Social Unrest)

“A lot of the economic success of most industrialized nations revolved around family units. Whatever those are doesn’t necessarily have to be a nuclear family but men and women have to have some incentive to get together and form families and start businesses and start to have some sort of incentive and I was going to say that men from a sort of evolutionary perspective were problem solvers and deductive problem solvers so A plus B equals C. We’re looking for sort of that plan or that set and right now we have so over-emphasized women’s confidence and success and what I call the “fempowerment narrative”. As I was just saying more women control more wealth right now. We keep hearing constantly about the 77 cents on the dollar kind of thing which is just ludicrous con if you look at it in perspective of the choices that women make. But although we can say well women don’t make as much as men they spend more than men. They are in control of more wealth than men right now, I believe looking at it right here over the course of family’s life 90% of married women will control the wealth of that family and so when we look at the spending and with female women are the primary consumers in western societies. So when we look at the focus that has been placing on putting women into the workplace, putting women into social settings that traditionally male-like what we call “male spaces” like the military everything else were is focusing only on one sex at the expense of if it were about. It’s never been about equality right? If it was about equality we wouldn’t have this lost boy’s generation right now and the result is that we have a sort of generation of young men who is purposeless and they don’t know what to do with themselves and we’re only exacerbating that by coming up with social programs to encourage that and perpetuate that and eventually it breaks down. People ask me this all the time, I just got asked this in my show yesterday. You know, how do we solve this? how do we change this? and I’m saying other than war or a meteor hitting the earth finding some sort of purpose is kind of tough for guys right now because they don’t know what to do with themselves they are taught to become feminine to get in touch with their emotions to be more expressive. I think it was Camile Paglia who said that we raise our boys as if they’re defective girls right now and so what happens is you get a generation, not of defective girls but defective young women who are men who don’t know themselves because they don’t have any purpose or any function, as a result, you get lower marriage rates, you get lower investment in things like education and so yes, of course, there’s going to be a sort of drought I guess of economically attractive men and our solution up to this point is to say, ladies lower your standards and they’re not going to do that because they are not biologically wired to do so and women are saying no I don’t want to do that I would rather live alone or die alone because they have the security side already taken care of for them by the government or they’re doing it to themselves.” - Rollo Tomassi

Here are the highlights of the video:

  • 2 Sides of Hypergamy: Alpha seed and Beta need
  • 3 Ps (Long-term Security for Women): Provisioning, Protection, and Parental Investment
  • Men Vs. Women’s Mating Strategy
  • Lost Boy Generation
  • Pareto Principle
  • Social Unrest among men
  • Kin Altruism
  • The Rise of She Economy
  • Egalitarianism
  • Rollo Tomassi’s advice to the young generation
  • My advice to the Lost Boy Generation
  • Mental Point of Origin
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