In a recent video, George Gammon discusses a chart of the one-month treasury that has him worried.

The chart shows a 100 basis point increase in the one-month T-bill, which is unprecedented.

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Gammon tries to explain the situation, but there's no clear answer as to why this has happened.

One explanation is that it may have to do with the debt ceiling and the money market funds that cannot take even the smallest risk of not being paid. Another possibility is that the market is saying that the risk is even higher.

Gammon provides historical context and points out that this type of volatility is not a good sign for the economy.

Whatever the cause may be, it's clear that something is happening under the surface, and it's not benign.

Gammon promises to continue researching the issue and encourages his audience to stand up for freedom, liberty, and free market capitalism.

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6 months ago

I’m looking at “ycharts”, and it shows 5.76% on May 4, vs. 4.70 on May 3. So, 106 Basis points OVERNIGHT. Thoughts?

Bill buyer
Bill buyer
6 months ago

Regarding the spike in the 4 week T Bill today…
The concluded auction, funding tomorrow, actually shows this rate(taken from Treasury Direct) 5.964%