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The Connection Between Severe Pain, Extreme Happiness And The DXY


Could We See A Dollar Run (IE Dollar Milkshake)?

If we get a dollar run, it'll be a consequence of liquidity flows coming out of other markets. Out of fear!

The first step to any fear-driven trade is to get liquid asap. It's like your house is on fire and you're trying to get outside at any cost, even if it means falling from a second-story window.

The second stage of a fear-driven trade is finding something better to park your purchasing power in.

Because after all, the dollar is better, but it's still pretty bad. We have all these other issues with the economy, and the pandemic, that haven't gone away.

Rebel Capitalist Pro

In fact, they're probably worse.

So where's my new home?

According to Chris MacIntosh, that's where he thinks commodities will really benefit.

There's a possibility that the dollar run causes an extraordinary, and painful pullback in most things pegged to the dollar.

If we do get this scenario it may well be the once-in-a-lifetime last opportunity to back the truck up on commodities as the fourth turning continues to unravel.